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Three days when there’s hope that Spring is actually a future reality, as real as our deck overlooking the cove.  It was warm enough to wear flip-flops and drink a Corona outside.  The travel writing workshop on Saturday morning was interesting enough (and thankfully, my kidney stone vanished at the break).  It’s good just to be in an environment where that kind of discussion is occurring – it makes the concept of being a writer more real (there’s that reality thing again).  The main point is to write.  If you don’t write, all the dreaming in the world won’t make it happen.

I don’t have the same clarity of spirit about writing as I have about my photography.  I understand my photographic eye, and have spun around the edges of labeling it – intimate landscapes, ordinary beauty, the things you pass by – but I have yet  to become comfortable enough with understanding my writing style.  I sense that I am an essayist, rather than a novelist – is there room for one more?  I don’t know.  Again, I will only know by doing, and doing it well.

On my fledgling writer blog, (, I am and will be experimenting with my words with a new dedication.  This, my online journal, will remain as it is, a place to track my life, love, thoughts and feelings.  I’m excited for the new challenge, and am posting the two writing exercises from the summer on Wordspark tonight.  But now, the lure of orthodontia calls….

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