An ignominious presidency and one that has left impressions on my mind that will never be shaken loose.

  • Three days before my Mother died, we moved her TV into her bedroom, as she was unable to get out of bed anymore.  After much fussing and adjusting, we got it into the proper position and turned it on to find 43 addressing the nation.  My Mother made a disgusted noise and said “Change the channel.  One of the great things about dying is that I’ll never have to listen to that idiot again.” 
  • 43 standing on the deck of the aircraft carrier under the sign “Mission Accomplished”. The irony of this statement continues to plague our country, as we continue to lose soldiers and face every day in Iraq.
  • The image of 43 holding a book upside-down, reading to a class of schoolchildren on 9/11.
  • Again, on 9/11, our nation’s fearless leader flying aimlessly around in Air Force One, as the rest of us suffered beneath him.
  • Coming to the realization, sometime after 43 was elected to his first term, that the reason he was elected was that he made every common man feel that if this guy of average intelligence and questionable business skills could be elected, then anyone could be elected. 
  • “You’re doin’ a hell of a job, Brownie” – juxtaposed with an image from Time Magazine of an elderly lady in a housecoat floating facedown, dead, in the water when the levees broke.  That woman was someone’s mother, someone’s grandmother.  Yep, that was a hell of a job.
  • One should not be bitter about the past, as bitterness is useless.  But it is so difficult to watch my meager retirement money, the small inheritance left to me by my Mother after her years of working and saving, my daughter’s college funds, dwindle away into nothingness because of the poor stewardship, blind eyes, selfish attitudes, self-serving actions, rampant cronyism, and blatant greed that has pushed our economy to its current state. 
  • An oilman tells lies to get us into a war over oil under the guise of democracy and freedom.
  • A shift in world opinion – the US is an arrogant, hostile, greedy young nation that does not play well with others.
  • A stolen election in Florida, with an ambitious, painted woman as the fall gal.  Coincidence that Florida was under the (albeit fairly positive) influence of 43’s brother?
  • An editorial cartoon shortly after 9/11 showing 43 calling Al Gore, saying, “That’s okay – it’s all yours.”
  • My erudite librarian Father’s humorous appreciation of “Bushisms”.  There were a few small books documenting them all that came out periodically over the past 8 years, and I got every one for him until he died.
  • Puppeteer Dick Cheney quietly, determinedly and sociopathically pulling the strings of this clueless façade of a leader.
  • The one positive note: when 43 addressed the nation after 9/11, we were like children looking to our father to help us feel better and make sense of a soul-shattering tragedy.  And that speech was one of the finest.  Whoever wrote it should have been nominated for a Nobel Prize.

 So many indefensible actions and decisions. Such a questionable legacy.  A legacy does not automatically imply good.  But one cannot change perception or history.