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I was certified in scuba this week.  That’s actually kind of a big deal for someone who doesn’t swim well, had a sadistic swim coach for her short-lived lessons, and a near drowning at age 8.  I mean, you can’t breathe under water, so it really makes no sense. But Pat gave me scuba lessons for Christmas last year, and it was time to use them. 

The first time going under freaked me out.  I felt panicky, desperate, even though it was just the shallow end of the pool.  It took me several minutes to acclimate, and Tyson, my cute instructor, could see it.  Fortunately, there was only one other woman in the class with me, as I was definitely slow about learning some of the basic skills, like mask-clearing.  And moving to the deep end of the pool really bothered my ears.  I put us behind by two skills the first day, which we made up for the next day.  But I was still struggling on Day 2, so I had a private lesson with Tyson last week, in order for me to feel more comfortable before doing an open water dive, and for him to feel comfortable certifying me. 

It was still challenging to learn the mask-clearing skill.  Guess I’m a mouth-breather, not a nose-breather.  But by the end of our two hours, I loved gliding around under water (except my ears still bothered me a bit). 

I was really surprised that I had as much difficulty as I did, even though I was nervous going in.  I wanted so much to have it be second nature.  Tyson had said after Day 1 that he was proud of me for coming back, because people who had as much trouble as I had often give up after the first day.  I thought about giving up, but I am at a place where I’m not going to let anything defeat me.  Including diving.  So I did it!  Yay for me!

I loved snorkeling on my first trip to the islands, and Brother John and Rich encouraged me to snorkel on Anegada one year, which was great.  Hopefully, this will open the door to more underwater exploration.  I have a year in which to complete my four open water dives.  I wonder where I’ll go?  It’s nice to think about on this chilly pre-Christmas afternoon.


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