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To complement the Mom-Peeves, I am adding Mom-Moments to the mix.  You Moms know what I’m talking about…those moments when your kid is being so wonderful that you want to freeze the feeling in time.  They can be rare, especially as your kid gets into the teenage years, and especially depending on the character of your kid.

Kelsea and I have both been sick for the last while – she was worse on Thursday, I was worse yesterday.  This morning, she was well enough to go to school, but I sure didn’t feel like getting up and taking her there.  Still, you do what you have to do, right?  Due to her various social commitments, we hadn’t had a lot of time together this weekend.  I am always glad to let her go have a good time, but I know she misses me when she hasn’t seen much of me. 

So this morning, when she was curled in front of the heater on the bathroom floor, having hauled her little carcass out of bed, I came in to see her and she patted the floor next to her and offered to share her heater with me.  We sat for a few minutes, talking, and she asked if she could put her head in my lap.  And so she did.  We sat there, her head in my lap, me stroking her long blonde hair, just happy, just quiet, just being together.  We both wished we could just stay like that all day.

I remembered times when I was all grown-up and I rested my head in my Mother’s lap, and she stroked my hair.  I remember the last time I did that, about two months before she died.  I treasure that memory, just as I will treasure the memory of this morning.  I hope it’s something that will come back to Kelsea some day in the future when she has a little girl, and the cycle of love continues.

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