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Ugh…SOOO windy!  I already talked about chinooks – that’s what we’ve got again today.  It’s really late in the year for them to be roaring still.  Ridiculous.

Say “Congratulations” to me – I started my book – it’s only two pages so far, and some notes, but hey, it’s a start.  Everything has to start somewhere.  The book will require a journey – but doesn’t every book?

Today is Howard Keel’s birthday – he of the deep baritone from “Seven Brides for Seven Brothers” and “Show Boat”. Kelsea loves his voice.

As a mom, you don’t know if you should be pleased, surprised or concerned that your teenage daughter has made a list of guys she considers hot.  My, how time flies.

I’m going to splurge with no money and pot some plants next weekend!  Putting some color around the outside of the cottage will be wonderful.  I have already taken the liberty of adding a flamingo to the front yard.  Every yard needs a flamingo.

Why does your laundry sometimes mysteriously come out with all these little white pills on it that makes it completely unwearable?  And why is it always the dark laundry?  And don’t tell me I didn’t check the pockets…

I seem to have some grumblebunnies today.  I think I am nervous about money – and I need to go away someplace – and since I don’t have money, I can’t go away.  Hmm.  Must think about how to fix this.  I think it’s time to get serious about travel writing.  Even if I don’t get paid to go, maybe I can get paid to have gone.

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