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I’ve been in a foul humor all day.  I have nothing to blame it on.  I took ex-Pat to the airport this morning.  See, I’m a nice ex-wife.  Taking someone to the airport is only one step down from helping someone move.  But he will do the same for me on occasion – if I ever go anywhere again.  Pissy, pissy, pissy.

I joined the Rec Center last week.  While things have been going well with Dr. Atkins, I seem to have plateaued, so it’s time to put the exercise part in high gear.  Today was a kickboxing class and an Ultimate Core class.  Kickboxing was hard – I felt uncoordinated and realized that I need new shoes.  Tomorrow is Zumba, which I did once last week – it was fun, though I felt awfully big and (again) uncoordinated.  That’s hard to deal with.  I was always such a good dancer – and in my mind’s eye, I see myself as smaller than I look in the mirror.  Hopefully, I’ll keep shrinking.

An amazing thunderstorm passed through here tonight – well, over here, I guess.  It sort of flanked us.  But it chased me home, looking frightening in the rearview mirror.  It was the first real spring storm, because the day was warm and sunny, and the storm rolled in in the afternoon.  We’ve been able to see the lightning on the hill from the front window.

It is, once again, interesting to house sit in my own house.  The last time I did this was last September, when we were in the emotional throes of pre-divorce.  I wonder if it is part of my current bitchiness?  The good thing, though, is that the lilacs are in full-bloom, and they are spectacular this year.  The branches arch above the little front walkway, so I’m enveloped in fragrance when I go out the door.  The creek is also flowing strong, and being alone, I can sleep with the bedroom window open so I can hear it.  The best part about this house is the nature that surrounds it.  It always has been the best part.

You know, I can be the grumpiest, bitchiest, pissiest woman I know when I am in this mood.

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