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It’s off-and-on pouring rain here outside of Boulder, Colorado tonight, so the always much-anticipated fireworks are not to be – we only get what the lightning provides.  Instead, I am replaying memorable fireworks exhibitions from years past in my head, and I wanted to share.

The first fireworks I ever saw were from the stadium at Duke University.  That was our traditional fireworks watching spot, and to my small eyes, they were quite impressive.  I (as always) had lots of questions as to how the whole thing worked, and I recall my dad patiently (as always) explaining.  I always worried that the guys on the track who were shooting off the fireworks were going to blow themselves up somehow, but that never happened.

For whatever reason one year, my family decided to view the fireworks show at the county stadium.  Since we didn’t like crowds, we put a blanket out in the field next to the stadium and watched from there.  It was amazing.  I lay on my back in the warm night and fireworks exploded right above me, creating an umbrella of sparkling lights.  I felt like magic.

After I moved to Colorado, Pat and I watched fireworks from a variety of memorable locations.  The rooftop of the pool hall we frequented, the top level of the parking garage where we used to roller skate, the pitch black hillside near the cemetary where we drank champagne on Sunday afternoons.  We always had a good time, and Pat always remembered his childhood fireworks-viewing experiences, in particular, a lady sitting behind him once when he was small who said, “Oooooh, that’s a pretty one,” with every display.

After Kelsea came along, we spent many July 4ths with another couple we had known for years who had a daughter of a similar age.  Our dogs have always hated fireworks – JT got out of the yard on one of his last 4th of Julys and we thought he was gone forever.  Champ and Roscoe are now whimpering softly at my feet in response to the pops around the neighborhood.  (I’m housesitting for Pat again – didn’t mention that, did I?  Well, it’s raising enough challenging emotions, just like it always does, for a whole blog in itself.)

I’m still a kid at heart – I still love the lights, the patterns, the sparkles, the colors.  As the cool breeze blows through the window, and I listen to the sound of the falling rain, it doesn’t feel quite like a usual 4th of July.  But glancing over my shoulder at the last year or two, from this house in which I tried and failed to make a home, it does feel like Independence Day.  I must remember that.

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