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Our time here at Topsail is halfway up, and we’ll be facing the interesting drive back to Colorado.  Our planned route will take us through Atlanta, Memphis, Oklahoma City, and along old Route 66 to Santa Fe, then up through Taos to Colorado.  It’s still a little too early to think real hard about that, but not so early that I can’t pull out Daniel and the Atlas, and make a few hotel reservations.  Perhaps tonight.

Yesterday was off-again on-again stormy and I was under the weather with a sore throat, malaise, and bad-monkey stomach.  Better this morning, but I took TWO naps yesterday, which is huge – anyone who knows me knows I don’t nap, except under very specific circumstances.

This morning, the air has the haze that spells heat, and the sea is sparkling in the early sun.  A cup of tea on the porch as I listen to the waves sounds like a fine idea.  My girl is still sleeping and likely will continue to do so for another hour.  Then, a trip to the Post Office and who knows what else?

It is good to be here, which I now think of as my last childhood home, since the other is no longer available to me.  I feel like I haven’t slept in years, and like I could sleep forever.  I suspect there is some healing taking place, as I have no reason to be so exhausted.  It may just be years of built-up shit, burning itself off in the sun, so I can get back to the true me and get on with things.

I do miss my Mother this morning though.

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