Because I’m such a fashion maven – nay, an icon in the fashion universe – I know you’ve been waiting with bated (or baited, if you’ve been waiting at a sushi bar) breath for my report on the fashion trends for Spring 2011.   Well, it’s time.  Fashion week in New York, London, Paris and Milan is over, and the hustle and rush has settled a bit.

I’ve already made good use of the insight I’ve gained into the looks for spring by advising a woman shopping next to me in a local resale store. 

Here’s what you can expect for Spring 2011:

– Color?  Fuggedaboutit.  Whites, creams, the dreaded beige, a few soft sand colors, gentle peach, dusty pale blue. silver-grey, gold.  That’s about it.  Some black, as is to be expected.  The only color that’s really showing is orange.  I guess we can all wear orange on days when we have our periods.  (Oops, TMI.) You’ll see the occasional lapis lazuli blue or mossy green thrown in just to wake up the eyes.  (Versace and Pucci are showing a little turquoise.)  However, the lack of a true single color for the Spring is balanced by an old trend unfortunately revived…

– Patchwork!  The hippie look is back, and patchwork patterns are more common than a church quilt sale in rural Iowa.  Makes me wish I’d kept my clothes from the late 1970s.  However, while the patterns are familiar, the styles, for the most part, are unfamiliar – and I, for one, wish they had stayed that way.  You’ll see some examples in the “Oh Dear God No” photo section of the slideshow below.

– Texture:  I have to say, I love what I’m seeing for texture this Spring.  It’s me.  It’s floaty, silken, soft, feminine, comfortable.  Beautiful.

– Shape:  For the garments that aren’t relying on texture to create their shape, the shape is – in a word – square.  If you don’t like the ethereal look, you will be relegated to a boxy shape that looks like a hospital gown with (I assume) a back – or else a doctor’s smock.  Not exactly the pinnacle of chic.

Interesting how we’re looking at a bit of a throwback to the 1970s and the 1920s in the same season.

And so, here’s the slideshow of Spring 2011 fashions, broken into two sections: the “You Look Mahvelous, Dahling” collection and the “Oh Dear God, No” collection.


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