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Kelsea had her first choir concert of the season last night.  The 7/8th grade choir is pretty good  (and the 6th grade choir is awesome).  She was in the first row, which was nice for us parents.  The choir instructor decided to add a little choreography in the form of  pointing arms, which wound up being flailing, flapping arms.  Kelsea only went to the wrong direction once, but she did smack the kid next to her in the stomach.  Oops.

As I was watching her, almost 14, up there on stage, singing under the lights, I was remembering her, just 4, up on a stage at the Louisville Public Library, singing with her preschool class.  She was so cute, sort of singing distractedly, looking around, waving her arms, occasionally picking up the hem of her little dress-thing (she was wearing leggings, so no undo exposure occurred).  She was  white-blonde back then, her face rounder.  She doesn’t really look a lot like she does now.  And interestingly, I know how she looks now is very different from how she’ll look in 10 years.

It was a sweet thing, to see her evolution, as she stood apart from me, under the stagelights.

And I really liked this kind of spooky picture I took of the concert.

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