I achieved – and surpassed – my word count goal for today.  The goal was 1667, and my word count was (drumroll, please….) 1996!  I consider this a good omen, since it is also Kelsea’s birth year.

I’m pleased with half-finished first chapter.  It seems to be flowing. It’s a matter of putting my head in the right (write, get it?) space.  I tried writing with music but it didn’t work for me.  What did work is writing with my old standby, Turner Classic Movies, on in the background.  And maybe having cramps helped my writing.  Not.

But cramps do explain my moodiness and depression of the last few days.  I tell you, this whole perimenopause thing just keeps me guessing.  I didn’t even think this was an option.  That’s the fun of this transitional womanly time.  Woo hoo.

Anyway, I’m very pleased with the writing today.  I’ll try to keep myself honest by reporting progress here.