Since I am in the throes of depression today, I am not writing, but for these random thoughts. 

Blessings for today:

I tidied the pantry and it looks much nicer.
Kelsea’s best friend is spending the night.  I like her.  She’s like a second daughter.
Hydrocodone works well on bad menstrual cramps.

Dilemma Of The Day:  My landlord sent me an email a few months ago, and mentioned in passing that his 15-year old daughter was not allowed to be alone in the house with her boyfriend.  No particular instructions to me, just FYI.  Well, yesterday I came into the big house to put my laundry in the dryer.  To do so, I have to pass through said daughter’s room.  As I opened the door, there was a rustling, and I hestitated and called out “Hello?” (She hadn’t been home when I’d put the laundry in the washer.)  She was in bed, covers up to her neck, and said very loudly, “Oh, hi!  I was just taking a nap!”  She certainly didn’t sound sleepy and the bed looked as if someone had just gotten out of it.  I apologized profusely for disturbing her, she said it was fine and she would go back to sleep now.  As I left, I noticed her boyfriend’s car out front.  Hmmm, I thought.  Well, when I went back to get the laundry out of the dryer, I opened the door, and I heard them in the shower.  I mean I HEARD them in the shower.  Sex in the shower sounds the same if you’re 48 or 15.  Unmistakeable moans and groans.  I backed out most hastily, and they never knew I was there.  But what do I do?  Do I tell her dad?  Do I talk to her?  I don’t even know her.  Do I tell my landlady (who’s her dad’s boyfriend)?  Eww.  Awkward.  I don’t like ratting out young love, but I don’t want to contribute to a 15-year old’s unwise choices.  Any advice would be much appreciated.

Thanks to the Idiot (  for introducing me to some wonderful new blogs.  I feel like I’m making new friends, and will be updating the blogroll very soon.  Thanks to AnotherOtherWoman ( for the reminder to look for blessings each day.  And thanks to The Unabridged Girl ( for the concept of Project Happiness – it sounds like a fantastic idea and one in which I want to participate.

I have left the two main characters of my novel lying exhausted on a beach in the Caribbean.  I think they will be sufficiently recovered next week so the tale can continue.

As for me, I am lonely and confused and sad.  Love is the greatest blessing in the world and the biggest pain in the ass.