From Strangling My Muse’s Visual Inspiration Photo Prompt #20:

The Collage

Her eyes drifted from image to image.  Everything had been trimmed perfectly and was now ready to assemble – her dream board, her treasure map, a collage of her fondest wishes.  She felt awkward with the paste and her hands felt overly large.  But she carefully positioned each element in its own unspoken spot, working patiently until the image was fully assembled.  Done, she sighed.  She stared deep into the vision of the lake and closed her eyes, her breath coming in a full, lush rhythm.  She looked back down and noticed that the moonlight seemed to pool a little brighter.  Were those two people in the lake before, she wondered.  Then she felt the roughness of the boards under her toes and she smiled a smile that was reflected off the mountains, her breath crystallizing in the frozen, moonstruck air.