Even though there is no Thursday Poet’s Rally this week, I am continuing to post an original poem each Thursday.  Here’ today’s contribution.

A New Eve

Deceit slips from between your lips,
Tainted honey guided by your
Printless fingertips
To weave between your aging breasts
Trickling to your hips
and dripping just below
to the hollow you now dully use
as a place to hide your madness.

Your clever brain creates the lies
you use so well
to rationalize
your defiled honor and the shame
of love that dies
at your own hand
while your own lips
declaim all blame.

Passion now is false and flawed
Another lie coaxed into life,
Those charming lips conceal a fraud
Who can deceive with words and looks,
Who life reveals as viley clawed
Yet impotent when faced with truth,
Eyes blinded by bright swaths of gold,
less precious than the sun.