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It is almost the end of the day.  I worked today.  I did some very good things today – applied for a writing gig, started working on my platform for the novel, with the intention of pitching it to an agent.  I haven’t felt very great – my stomach is being iffy.  And so, I crawled in bed at about 6:30 and have just been noodling around in cyberspace.

And just now, it hit me.

It’s my official one-year anniversary of being divorced.

I saw Pat today when we handed off Kelsea and hung out for her dentist’s appointment.  But I wasn’t thinking about what day it was, and neither was he.  Our interaction was, as always, cordial and friendly.

It’s all so odd.  Getting to the point of divorce was so painful.  Getting through the bad feelings around it was so painful.  But now, a year later, I wouldn’t go back for the world.  And the painful part now is losing my relationship of the last year.  In some ways – many ways? – that has been more painful than the divorce.

As I say.  How odd.

I’m not ususally one to share links of things, but Kelsea and I spent a chunk of last night laughing ourselves to the point of near-incontinence at this site:  And we’ve all faced the challenges of the dreaded T9 while texting on our phones (which Kelsea only taught me how to use last July in Asheville, NC, while we were on the EAR).   When your phone is spelling for you, it is not always a good thing – ah, the dangers of autocorrect.

So in the spirit of yesterday’s Post-A-Day inspirator, I give the site to you, my friends.

Scroll through, enjoy (some might be slightly raunchy in interpretation) and make sure you are wearing your Depends.

On January 1, I decided to participate in WordPress’ “Post-A-Day” (see details here).  Since I post with a fair amount of regularity, I didn’t think this would be too tough.  However, as others who post frequently know, it is sometimes hard to come up with anything to write about.  I have been known to resort to random thoughts, or, if I have too much time, one of my Slightly Bizarre History posts. 

As I have been contemplating my future – both the journey and the destination – I am recognizing that I need more discipline.  The lack of discipline in my life is a detriment to me.  My recent relationship was really helpful in providing a sense of discipline, as my partner had trained himself to be quite disciplined and it worked for him. For the most part, it worked for me too.   At any rate, I feel it is good for me – it feels like something I have pushed against unnecessarily – really just to be contrary –  for my entire life, and I’d like to stop pushing against it now.

So the “Post A Day” feels like a pekingese-sized way of instilling a bit of discipline in my life.   And that, my friends, is something that makes me smile.


(And Boo here ALWAYS makes me smile!)

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