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When I fall in love, I am inspired to buy lingerie.  Not (usually) Frederick’s of Hollywood stuff.  But lovely flowing vintage silk pieces.  Ebay becomes my friend.  I buy more of it than I could ever possibly wear, and picture myself floating around some elegant tropical location in it like a 1940’s movie star.  Someday, if I ever fall in love again, I’ll write more about my long-standing passion for these passionate pieces.

But when I am single, it’s a different story.  The lingerie is still there, hanging on its hooks, but not to be worn again for a long, long time.  Instead, when night falls, I reach for the animals.

I may not be able to have pets in Cottage, but there’s a menagerie in every room regardless.  And in the boudoir, the menagerie lives on pajamas.  There are pink elephants, yellow ducks, lobsters in Santa hats, moose, and bears (and a yeti).  (And there are two pairs of bunny slippers.)  They have absolutely no sex appeal. 

(Just so you’re not left hanging, the menagerie in the living room consists of:

  • a rubber chicken
  • Dude, the armadillo
  • a white, wind-up, all-too-lifelike mouse (now Dude’s best bud)
  • a jointed deer in a striped shirt
  • a bejeweled goat head
  • a very tiny pig
  • a very tiny bull
  • a very tiny iguana
  • a pair of small silver giraffes
  • a rubber cockroach (courtesy of my ex-husband)
  • a pink Loofah dog

Moving into the kitchen, we find:

  • a chicken (the change bank)
  • a pig (the “found change” bank)
  • a cow (the timer)
  • a Bassett Hound (a serving dish)
  • a chubacabra (exactly what it is)
  • a pair of zebras (potholders)
  • a pair of moose (otherwise known as meese) (also potholders)
  • two elephants
  • a seagull
  • a penguin

And finally in the bathroom, there’s another penguin.)

(Believe me, none of this was planned.)  (Though it occurs to me that one of the things my Mother loved most was her Menagerie, but I can’t tell you who lived her zoo.)  (And by the way, donations will be taken for feeding.)

So now, the single girl is decked out in her pink elephant pajamas.  Those are the most cheerful ones I own (with the lobsters running a close second), and tonight was a rough night.  The good news is, it’s the first rough night I’ve had since I was away.  I was dumb enough to set myself up for it, and now I’m paying the price, but I forgive myself. 

Pink elephants always have a way of softening the tears.

January 2011


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