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Today, I went to get gas.  And I am saying enough.


I have adjusted to being raped at the gas pump – a tank of gas costs as much as a week’s worth of groceries.  It’s ridiculous, but short of taking the bus or siphoning gas by mouth out of other people’s cars in the dead of night, there’s nothing to do but pay the price.  And now, I am being subjected to the ultimate insult at the gas station. 

Each pump has, sitting on the top, a little TV constantly blasting ads at the pumper.  The same ads, over and over and over again.   And I say NO.

I hate going to the movies, because I hate that I am paying to be subjected to a barrage of ads prior to the screening of the movie I paid to see.  I’m a captive audience and I feel like I’m being taken advantage of.  That pisses me off.   There are ads EVERYWHERE now, even on the movies you rent.  Even on LOLCats videos. 

I never even thought about my frame of mind when I get gas.  I sometimes do calf raises (in which I stand on my toes, not pick up small farm animals) while the pump is running.  I never, until today, recognized the zen mental state that I achieve during  the pumping process.  But that’s what it was like.  I would think.  I would calm my mind.  I would just let things go, almost as if troubles (and money) were flowing into the tank along with the gas.

Now, nevermore.  Those days of zen are gone at my local station.  I am forced to listen to Tom Selleck saying two lines about parenting and eggs, over and over and over again.  I don’t even remember what the ad was for, just how angry I was at this intrusion into my world, my space, my mind.  I’m stuck, pumping gas, listening to this blasting crap.  I can’t get in my truck to shut it out because, remember, re-entering your vehicle while gas is pumping can create static, so you may blow yourself up.  I can’t run into the store because I’m not to leave my vehicle unattended while pumping, because if I do, gas may overflow from my tank and who knows what disaster would befall us all.  

So I am trapped in the freezing cold, standing by my truck, being fiscally and aurally assaulted.  And I say ENOUGH. 

This gas station has just lost my business as will any gas station that forces this stuff on me, even if I have to drive ten miles out of my way to get gas.


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