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The wine tonight is
   an ironic little red
called Il Bastardo.
It complements
   the raw meat of my heart
So well.

That same heart
you once held
beating in your hands
one night.

Do you remember?

I said
what are you doing to me
You said
what does it feel like
I said
it feels like you are holding my heart
You said
i am.

On a night that is
What neither of us
Would have expected

cook chicken
want for a splatter screen
listen to a forgotten thunderstorm
watch the headlights of cars in the dimness of sunset

And remember you.

Let me start by saying that I have nothing but love, hope, honesty and fairness in my heart.

We all know that giving flowers is one of the BIG things on Valentine’s Day.  In fact, Valentine’s Day is the second biggest holiday for florists (Mother’s Day being the first). But this year, I’m focusing on Anti-Valentine’s Day sentiments, so I thought I’d share some of the lesser known and not-so-sweet meanings of flowers, and help you put together an appropriate customized bouquet for that “special” someone.

These aren’t all easy to find in a florist’s shop, so you may have to settle for planning a vengeful spring garden.

I’ll make it simple for you and compose bouquets with particular sentiments, explaining which flowers mean what.

     1.     The Bouquet of Sorrow

Yew – sorrow

Aloe – grief

Harebell – submission and grief

Helenium – tears

Marigold – pain and grief

     2.     The Nosegay of Hatred

Black roses – hatred and death

Orange lily – hatred

Basil – hatred

Aconite – misanthropy

Fuller’s Teasel – misanthropy

Fumitory – hatred

     3.     Posey of Vengeance

Begonia – beware

Bird’s foot trefoil – revenge

Golden rod – precaution

Monkshood – beware

Oleander – beware

Rosebay Rhododendron – beware

     4.     Garland of War

Achillea – war

Milfoil – war

Yarrow – war

     5.     Wreath of Lies

Bugloss – falsehood

Dogbane – falsehood

Manchineal – falsehood

Winter Cherry – deception

     6.     Corsage of Heartlessness

Hydrangea – heartlessness

Lettuce – cold-hearted

     7.     Spray of Hopelessness

Love Lies Bleeding – hopelessness

Cyprus – death, despair

Mourning bride – I have lost all

     8.     Miscellaneous Bunch of Evil

Lobelia – malevolence

Yellow carnation – rejection

Dragonswort – horror

Judas Tree – betrayal

Single larkspur – fickleness

Lavender – distrust

Don’t say I never gave you anything, and Happy Valentine’s Day.

Photo Title: Caribbean Bloom

A single bloom, reaching for the sky.  Happy Valentine’s Day.

Quote of the Day: ” May we all Dream Well, of green mountains, wide rivers, and cooling oceans, of pirate treasure buried deep, and loving friends to catch us when we fall.”  —  Andi O’Conor

February 2011


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