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Well, today was my first day at my new grown-up job in Denver.  It was good – I think I’ll enjoy the job. I sense that it will really refine my writing skills and add to my abilities.  The people are wonderful.  It will be challenging.  In short, it’s all exciting.

The weirdest thing is being alone in this.  I have never before gotten a job, started a job, without having my parents around to share in that experience, to be my “boosters”.  It’s been years and years since I’ve had a job and not had someone to come home to, or at least share my day with on the phone.  It really emphasizes my sense of loneliness.

I couldn’t sleep last night – I was nervous, excited, my stomach was in turmoil, I was missing my parents.  I had a weepy few hours, and wished there was someone I could call in the darkness when I couldn’t sleep.  I miss that.  I guess I was kind of hoping….well, it just would have been nice. 

As I said, I had a really good day, but I was weepy again going home.  Sigh.  I know I am moving forward – no, upward.  But I am still sad.  And still hurt.  And still kind of lonely.

Tomorrow, I’m going to take the bus! It may not sound exactly thrilling, but I’m excited – something else I’ve never done before.

I feel like I’m a little kid starting school again.

Photo Title:  Barn and Balloon

Steamboat Springs, Colorado.

Quote of the day: “Your vision will become clear only when you look into your heart. Who looks outside, dreams. Who looks inside, awakens”  —  Carl Jung

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