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It was warmer than expected today.  And I noticed that the redbuds are just starting to pop, meaning it’s really spring.  REALLY.  I am having a sunset glass of champagne, listening to some country music – two things that no one else I know likes to do together.

It’s been quiet at work, and I am absolutely on the edge about the house.  I am supposed to close in less than 48 hours.  I have no idea what my closing check is supposed to be.  I’ve got all the cash from all my stashes ready to go into the bank, and so I will be absolutely busted from my ready-cash until the 1st, which is payday.  Holy cow.  It’s an adventure.  And it’s been a huge roller-coaster ride (or what I would imagine a roller coaster ride is like, since I’ve never been on one.  But I did have a boss once with whom meetings were characterized as like riding Space Mountain.)

I won’t bore you with the gory details of documents, denials, doubts and dumbasses – I’m saving them for the new book. Suffice it to say, by this time on Friday, I’ll either have a new-old house (still looking for names, readers…anyone?  anyone?? I may make it a contest!)  or I’ll be at sea again, and wondering what the Universe is telling me by twisting that fate.

So stay tuned…

Sunset and champagne at the Bean and Berry

Today’s guest poet  —  Sara Teasdale


If I should see your eyes again,
I know how far their look would go —
Back to a morning in the park
With sapphire shadows on the snow.

Or back to oak trees in the spring
When you unloosed my hair and kissed
The head that lay against your knees
In the leaf shadow’s amethyst.

And still another shining place
We would remember — how the dun
Wild mountain held us on its crest
One diamond morning white with sun.

But I will turn my eyes from you
As women turn to put away
The jewels they have worn at night
And cannot wear in sober day.

Photo title: Blossom Teardrops

Somewhere in the Caribbean.

Quote of the day: “Is nothing in life ever straight and clear, the way children see it?”  —  Rosie Thomas


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