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Things are moving along.  I told my landlords that I’m leaving.  Work has begun on what (for now) I’m calling The Bungalow.  Harry the Handyman pulled out the sink and vanity and ripped up the carpet in the bathroom.  And as an added yippee, it wasn’t the hot water heater leaking, it was the under-sink pipe.  Much easier to fix.

I peeled off about 50 years worth of wallpaper today, and rid the backyard of a few years worth of branches.  I bought about 300 pounds worth of tile – that is heavy stuff, man.  And, in my quest to restore the bathroom, I bought what I’ve always wanted:  a 1922 cast-iron clawfoot bathtub.  It needs a little elbow grease but not too much.  I’m so happy!!

While I was out getting the tub, a former resident of the house stopped by.  He told Harry that he used to keep a pot-bellied pig in the house – so what I thought was a dog door was actually a pig door!  Somehow, I really like that.,

Kelsea and Uber-Cool Will and I were in the house last night, sitting around on the floor talking.  It felt wonderful.  His suggestion for the Bungalow’s name is Innovo, because it means “to start again” in Latin.  That’s a good one.  And it’s the only idea right now.  So again, a little help here, all my creative friends?

Tomorrow, we’ll start painting.  And, if it’s still there, I’m going to go get the most awesome surprise for the garage.  It’s interesting how my mind is starting to compartmentalize what I have to do for the little bungalow.  We’re starting with the kitchen, bathroom, living room, my room and Kelsea’s room.  The Shaman Room, little office, laundry room, greenhouse room and hot tub room will have to wait.  As will the floors – although I will clean them before we move furniture in.

My heart is still broken, but the world warms up, it seems to heal a little bit each day (except on those backslide days).   I’m tired, but happy right now.  I have a date to go dancing tonight, and a nice gentleman with whom I’ve been Skypeing.

Yes, life goes on.

Photo Title:  Eternally Waiting

Quote of the day: “We must accept finite disappointment, but never lose infinite hope.”  —  Martin Luther King, Jr. (with thanks to


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