We all have original thoughts.

This particular thought is certainly not proven by our culture these days.  How many movies are remakes of or sequels to old movies? Hollywood doesn’t seem to have an original bone in its botoxed, plasticized body.

But we bloggers do.  We are full to the brim of original bones, thoughts, sin  – oh wait, maybe not sin. Well, maybe so…anyhoo, I am daily amazed at the creativity and inspirations that are posted on Freshly Pressed, and on the blogs that I subscribe to.  And yes, for you grammarians, I did end that sentence in a preposition. 

Which is why I am so fascinated when another blogger writes a post that I had in mind for this blog.  This phenomenon is at the forefront of my hindbrain because it has happened twice in the last week.

The blog, Another Nobody Writing About Their Life is one of my new favorites.  I just love this girl.  I kind of wish she’d change the title because she’s so NOT a nobody to me.  She’s a fantastic photographer with a great eye for other people’s beautiful shots, and an exceedingly clever sense of the ironic, fun and important.  Last week, she published a post about shoes.  She had no idea how long I’ve been mulling the exact same thing – a photo post about outrageous shoes.  And she did so well with it that I feel like I don’t need to write my own now.  I probably will one day, but for now, I am satiated.

Every single morning, I look forward to Jackie’s posts at Twist365.  Without fail, she makes me snort-laugh, no matter how bad my blues are.  In her last Wednesday’s post, In Defense of Pigeons, she took the words right out of my mouth (so to speak).   I absolutely loved it.  And once again, I found that someone else had somehow channelled my blog-brain into her own post.  (Anyone who knows me knows that I have raised the question of where pigeons go to die.  And coincidentally enough, on Tuesday, I saw two dead pigeons on the side of the road in two separate places.  I’ve never seen a pigeon that’s been hit by a car.  Pheasant yes, pigeon, no.)

How does it happen?  Of all the millions (?) of bloggers out there, how am I drawn to those of like mind?  I do still believe there are original thoughts.  But I also wonder what it is that connects some of our brains – what patterns criss-cross to link us, people who have never spoken, never met, and don’t even know where each other live?  How do we somehow step on each other’s toes in the universal mindfield?

It’s an intriguing idea.  Even if it’s not an original one.