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When my sweet mother was hanging around during her last days, she said something along the lines of “It’s a good thing I’m dying.  That way I don’t have to learn all this new stuff like how to use a computer.”  (I remember how proud she was when she ordered me a pair of genuine Wellingtons from an online shop in the UK.)

I have to admit that I get that sentiment.  I’m smart.  OK, not exactly hip and trendy, but I’m not a total ancient doofus.  But still, these days I feel like technology is just moving so fast that I can’t quite keep up.  Every other day it seems like there’s some new term, generally technology related, about which I am clueless.

Like today.  Today’s mystery term is “meme”.  To me, that sounds like something you might call your grandmother.  But nope, it’s not.  It’s (I think) an idea or theme that rapidly and suddenly infiltrates a culture – more often than not, virally – which, by the way, makes me think of the flu, not the internet.

I’m starting to feel like I just can’t keep up.  Thank heavens for Kelsea (for so many reasons).  She educates me about new terms, new trends, new slang, new dances, new everything.  Otherwise, I get the sense that I’d be standing in the middle of the interstate trying to figure out the safest way to cross to the other side.  Maybe I’d just set up camp in the median.

The year before my dad died, he asked me what a blog was.  I guessed, and I was right.  But look at where that single question has taken me now.  This blog, this creative outlet, that almost 200,000 people worldwide have taken a peek at.  That’s exciting and somehow reassuring at the same time.  I adopted that trend, figured it out (sort of) and embraced it. 

Maybe with a little help, I can figure out the rest of the techno terms and trends, catch up a little bit, and get more “with it”…”hip”…. okay, whatever they say these days.

Photo Title: Looks Like We Got A Ringer Here

Denver, Colorado.

Quote of the day: “This is wisdom: to love wine, beauty, and the heavenly spring. That’s sufficient-the rest is worthless.”  —  Theodore de Banville


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