Happy Easter!  Kelsea and I spent the waking hours of the morning watching the bunnies outside her bedroom window.  Our own personal easter hoppers.  There were three adults and one baby bouncing around the yard with their little cottontails.  They sat there zoning.  Or noming grass.  So cute.

Then Kelsea went off to a day of church and family festivities with Uber-Cool Will.  His Grandma made her an Easter basket, which makes her very happy.  “It makes me feel like I have a grandma again,” she said yesterday.  I did a dip with maternal inadequacy, feeling like maybe his family is taking her with them because they think I’m a heathen, hippie, unsuitable mom, but I let it go.

And as she was leaving, an ophthalmic migraine started.  Do you know what those are?  They’re not real migraines.  They are these weird visual things that happen when, for some reason, the arteries behind your eyes spasm, blocking blood flow to the optic nerve.  I’ve been getting them for about three years.  Not too often, but occasionally.  Fortunately, they don’t usually predict an actual migraine like the auras that migraine-sufferers experience.  Now that it has passed, which took about half an hour, I have a little headache, but nothing too bad.  I HAVE had full-blown migraines after these little episodes, so the not-knowing when I’m having the ophthalmic migraines is pretty nerve-wracking.

When you’re having an ophthalmic migraine, the world looks like this:

Or like this:

Yes, weird, geometric edged lines or holes in your vision that move and grow.  Talk about a bizarre Easter present.  To go on top of everything else that I haven’t talked about yet.

Off to work on the Bungalow.  Happy Day, all.