I feel the need to extend my apologies to you. I’ve been providing you with visual yums in the form of photos of the day, and I love doing that, but I haven’t been regaling you with word-treats on a regular basis.  I have a lot of half-started posts and tons of things to say.  In fact, I have a ridiculous 280 drafts sitting in my “Posts” folder here on WordPress. Some of them will never be finished, and I know that, but I’d say at least half of them are ripe for the picking.

There are always excuses for not writing.  Believe me, I know this.  Every writer does. It takes a discipline that I never imagined, and as we know, discipline is not my long suit.  It was easy to work on the novel when that was my focus, but with the jobs, the houses, and trying to steer towards the star of my future, I just haven’t been able to recapture that focus.

I know I’m writing now and I could be writing something far more engaging than an apologetic post, but I felt it might assuage my guilty conscience.  On the hopeful side, the move is scheduled, the house is coming along, and I am optimistic that once we’re a bit more settled, I’ll be back to a more settled writing schedule.  So I’m asking you, please, to bear with me.

I promise I’ll be back.