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Time Playing On Wazee

Time unfolds before me in a flutter of silk,
Unwinds behind me in a sweep of rain,
Full, rich, nurturing
Soft, swift, sweet

A thread of sunlight creates shadow
Mingled with silence
As a silhouette pauses poised against
The metal exoskeleton of a wall
waiting for something.

My steps echo on the cavern of the street
Too early to be busy,
Too late to be so still.
A figure emerges from a dead alley,
Lights a cigarette,
His hat tilted rakishly over one eye,
Dark suit, spiffy shoes,
When did men stop wearing hats.

And the silence roars and laughs,
Chortles and moans.

Time holds sway with me,
Playing, taking me with it
As it plunges and traipses across this street
This morning
Until it settles, tremors finished,
back into place.


Photo title: Always A New Sunset

White Bay, Jost van Dyke, British Virgin Islands.

Quote of the day: “Faith is the soul riding at anchor.”  —  Josh Billings


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