Ready?  “A drunkard’s dream if I ever did see one….”

Since I am still under the weather with a stomach bug, we’ll take today as sort of an intermission for the trip.  I will share with you a brief photographic summary of the dog competition and some outtakes from the parade.

I love how mountain towns are so dog friendly – and how dogs in mountain towns are so friendly!  It’s like a giant dog park.

I know that dogs are 50/50 about being dressed up, but I know that owners are generally 80/20 in favor of doing the dressing.  So of course, the first thing on the docket was the costumed dog competition:

Adorable beagle as Underdog (my favorite childhood superhero)

Another adorable beagle as Snoopy, compete with Woodstock

Jailer and inmates (the littlest boxer was just rescued from a puppy mill)

Cutie-pie Butterfly

We then moved onto the Tricks Competition:

Ridgeback High-Five

Best try at a high-five!

Getting Luvs (the trick didn't work so well)

We had the smallest dog competition:

And the winner, weighing in at 5 pounds and 3 ounces of cuteness...

And the largest dog competition.  A word about this dog: he’s a Spanish Mastiff, and I WANT ONE.  He was so mellow and adorable.  His owner has 3 of them (there are only 100 in the US) and Kelsea and I speculated on if they have a van to ship all 3 around in.

Leon wins paws down (and they were the biggest paws I've ever seen), weighing in at 230 pounds of love.

And finally, the cutest dog competition – how can you possibly pick one?  In my opinion, Leon was the cutest dog, but there were others:

One Cool Dude

Gorgeous Husky

And the winner is ... Dustmop!

We also watched the Best Beard Competition, which was sparsely attended:

Bearded Contestants

This was another “touch it and judge it” competition.  And the winner is…

"Cowboy" - though that's not the name on his driver's license.

And I leave you this hot and chilly night with a random selection of fair photos and parade outtakes:

Pink Sunglasses

Walking the Goat

Bad-ass Firefighter-to-be

Blue Sky Bike

Ferrets Enfleeced

I was truly hoping that the Pug was the Mayor.

Psychotic clown - but really, is there any other kind?

Just another day with the sheriff

Charter member of the Red Hat Society

Mountain man and companions

Proud flagbearers

The Original Dogs Playing Poker

Some things are best not looked at too closely, so I wish she hadn't stood right in front of me.


Leon and his little mistress

And finally, proof that mountain people simply do not mince words:

Plain Speaking

Stay tuned for more tomorrow…