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Today’s guest poet  —  Jann Howell

Always Wondering

I’m always wondering
… where you are
… what you’re doing
… are you thinking of me?
… do we dream the same dreams?
… if we feel the same things
in our hearts.

But every time
I try to speak the words…
when I try to ask the questions
just to get the answers,
a fear takes hold of my heart
that the words that you’ll speak
won’t be the words that I seek
keeps me paralyzed.

And the silence between us
stretches further than the stars
so that I am always,
always wondering
where you are.

Photo title: Squall

 Tortola, British Virgin Islands.

Quote of the day: “Give all to love; obey thy heart.”  —  Ralph Waldo Emerson

Daily gratitudes:
The one man who offered his seat to me on the bus
The living room carpet
Creative spasms in half-waking moments
That today… is.


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