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On my run this morning, there was a giant seagull wrestling with a dead foot-and-a-half long shark by the pier.  It made me wonder if there is an angry mother shark skulking somewhere in the vicinity.  Not an impossibility, considering we’ve had two shark attacks here in recent weeks.

You can tell when a day here is going to be a scorcher.  It’s somehow more evident than it is in Colorado.  It’s something about the quality of the cloudless sky and the passivity of the air, even with its welcome breeze.

Dragonflies are chasing each other outside the front window.

When I see something roundish at the edge of the surf, I automatically assume it is a coconut, not a football. I suspect that means that I am really meant to be in the Caribbean.

The inside of my knees are sunburned.  Not the backs, the insides.  Go figure.

I don’t have the TV on here. I do at home to sort of ease the silence.  Here, I don’t need it.  I have the constant cadence of the ocean.

Today is another do-nothing day (even though I have to work tonight).

All so lovely.

The look of a hot day in the baking.


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