that I can look at my daughter and marvel at how beautiful she is.

that I know the postmistress by name and that she is the same woman who has been here since I was a child, that she still recalls my parents, and that I now know her sad past.

that the roller rink is still above the post office.

that Mr. Godwin also remembers my parents and shared with me his frustration with the DMV not renewing his license because he couldn’t idenitfy what all the roadsigns meant.

how hot is was today.

remembering my Dad walking to the post office every day, and the few days when the heat index was so high that my Mom would drive to get him, even though it’s less than half a mile.

that I have been here for three days and have read two books and have a glow to me from the sun.

that the new chairs on the back deck are an awesome shade of purple.

that it was a pretty fair day for boogie-boarding.

that we have an excursion planned for today (even though it will mean being away from home).

that I can always rely on the waves to tell me the truth.

The Back Porch