Coming to you from the stunning Clarion Inn in Pueblo, Colorado…

OK, not so stunning. More of a glorified truck stop with comfortable beds and very loud A/C and no elevators.  Not unlike Caribbean hotels, but Caribbean hotels don’t have the truckers.

It was a lovely drive down from Denver, beautiful sunset, singing along to the iPod at the top of my voice, crying at some songs, skipping others too tender to hear. And here I am, all bundled in, ready for the Pueblo Chile Festival tomorrow.

I had dinner at the highly recommended Cactus Blossom, except the vibe there was so loud and full of screaming children that I drank a top-shelf margarita and ordered my food to go and ate it in bed, realizing again why I dislike TV. The food was pretty good and very spicy. And now I’m sleepy. So I thought I’d say hello, and let you know you can expect photos from this, one of my favorite festivals in the next couple of days.

Pueblo is a strange little town with a big biker community (I refrained from heading into the biker bar to shoot pool tonight – it was tough, but I thought refraining might be in my best interest.) and a working-class, small town vibe, which I find endearing.

I’m looking forward to sharing it with you.

Sweet dreams, all.