Photo title: Welcome Home

St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands.

Update: I, the prodigal wanderer, have indeed returned to my Colorado home after what felt like months, but what was actually only 11 days in the Caribbean sun.  While this is not the flower that welcomed me home to my little bungalow – that was 23 beautiful  yellow roses – this was one of the flowers that greeted me on my first morning in St. Thomas after the first long day of travel. I’ve never seen one like this before. Even though there is much work/life catching up to do, I hope to share travel tales and new pictures with you all in the coming weeks, doing my little bit to stave off the chill of winter.

Quote of the day: “Peace – that was the other name for home.”  ~Kathleen Norris

Daily gratitudes:
Sabbaticals that seem far longer than they are
Having someone love me enough to pick me up at the airport
The existence of warm, sunny, tropical places
Being back in my own bed
A most excellent tan