If you’re not familiar with this feature of the blog, each week I introduce you to a poem that I think is lovely, moving, or otherwise striking. I hope, if you like what you read here, that you’ll seek out other poems from the authors that you meet here. When I can, I will find artwork that is the ice cream on the poetry cake, so I can introduce you to new artists as well.

And as  a complement to The Weekly Wednesday Poem, I’ll be publishing an Original Thursday Poem each week, which will be one of my own poems from sometime in the past or present.

Today’s guest poet: Rainer Maria Rilke

Woman In Love
That is my window. Just now
I have so softly wakened.
I thought that I would float.
How far does my life reach,
and where does the night begin

I could think that everything
was still me all around;
transparent like a crystal’s
depths, darkened, mute.

I could keep even the stars
within me; so immense
my heart seems to me; so willingly
it let him go again,

whom I began perhaps to love, perhaps to hold.
Like something strange, undreamt-of,
my fate now gazes at me.

For what, then, am I stretched out
beneath this endlessness,
exuding fragrance like a meadow,
swayed this way and that,

calling out and frightened
that someone will hear the call,
and destined to disappear
inside some other life.

Woman at the Window by Shirley Fachilla. Check out her blog and her amazing art at http://sometimesapainting.blogspot.com.