The Light Behind

She passes from the brightest light
Through setting suns on edgeless seas,
Down wooden weaveways brushing night,
Caressed by gentle jungle trees.

Her dreams are moving far behind,
Left in the ruin of ruins past.
She exits stage right from her mind,
Remembering things that would not last.

The patterns playing in her eyes,
More luscious and intense by far
Than those she once could recognize
Though veiled and swaddled in the stars.

She shimmers, endless, full of grace,
Alive now in the world’s tired mind,
And those who loved her in this place
Spill tears in the trails she left behind.

Tulum, Mexico

Quote of the day: “Completion comes not from adding another piece to ourselves, but from surrendering our ideas of perfection.”  —  Mark Epstein

Daily gratitudes:
The little girl in striped tights joyfully doing her Irish step-dancing as she walked down the 16th Street Mall this morning
People’s individual sense of style
Artistic graffiti
The sunny side of the sidewalk
Burnt orange
Spring soon come