I liked the angle of the clouds and the mountains, how they seem to parallel each other.

British Virgin Islands sunset.

Quote of the day: “I don’t know where my journey will take me, but I know that my body is 60% water, and like all water everywhere, it is on an inexorable journey back to the sea.”  — Robert Brault

Daily gratitudes:
That two strangers on the street told me how nice I looked today.
So did MKL – he is truly wonderful
The person who drew a giant heart with “God loves you” in the snow by the bus stop
That I was driving down the road today and realized that I was happy
No dirty dishes in the sink

A Roscoe update: Roscoe is doing better, and expects to be released tomorrow. Ex-Pat and Kelsea took him outside for a few minutes when they went to see him at the vet this afternoon. I will be going to pick him up in the afternoon, so the vet can give me instructions on caring for him while Pat and Kelsea are in California this weekend. Keep the prayers and juju coming – it really seems to be helping my boy get better, little by little.