Yes, I’ve been gone. I guess you figured that out.  Where was I ? You may have figured that out too.  I was here:

Which is Anegada.  Otherwise known as home.  This was MKL’s first trip to the BVIs, and most happily, all my adopted family just loved him.  We are scheming on things we could do to make a living down there, once our respective kids are launched, and have some interesting ideas. Now it’s just a matter of making time to flesh them out.

The shutter was busy while we were away, so I have lots of pictures to share, although I realize that most of them are just boring beautiful beach scenes, but I somehow never get tired of capturing the colors of the water on “film”.  We found flamingoes, ate lobster, watched sunsets, played in the water, got silly, talked with people, and fell more in love.

In short a perfect sabbatical. Details to come…