Sights from Denver last week:

The lovely white moth that drowned sadly, but beautifully, in the dog water dish at the Marg Bar. I wish I had had my camera with me to take a picture, but if you combine this:

With this:

Dog water dish with bones

Perhaps  you’ll get the picture.

The homeless men who were sobbing and arguing at each other: “If you want to be my brother, then you can’t do what you did last night. You can’t put your arm around my neck and SQUEEZE. You just don’t do that to your brother, man.” Though I probably did it to my own brother once during our battalion years.

The gentleman in the bus station who had a sneezing fit. However, when he sneezed, he made a sound like a snort, but followed it up with a distinctly spoken ACHOO.

Pik-ACHOO courtesy of

The lady with the knee-length multicolored dreadlocks. I’m pretty sure hers were real.

The gentleman on the bridge across Hwy. 36. We were approaching from opposite sides, and he had stopped and was talking about the glass being missing from four of the windows. I just assumed he was talking on his invisible phone.  We continued towards each other, he still mumbling, and he paused, looked up, and said, “You’re a nice bridge.”  He’s right. It is a nice bridge. And it was nice of him to tell it so.  Probably made the bridge’s day.

The nice bridge at US 36 and McCaslin Blvd.

Discovering that if you put your phone up to your ear before you get to the incredibly annoying (though they are just doing their job and for a cause they believe in too) canvasser people who are ALL OVER 16th Street, holding our their hands to shake yours and talk to you and making you feel like a horrible person when you ignore or dismiss them because how rude is it not to shake someone’s hand when it is offered, they target someone else  – because you appear to be on the phone.

Image courtesy of

The gentleman on the bus with the INCREDIBLY SHINY head.  It just gleamed like it had been oiled. Maybe it HAD been oiled, I don’t know. No, now that I think about it, a few short, wispy hairs were sticking up,  and they would have been slicked down had his head been oiled.

Incredibly shiny bald head

Who knows what interesting things we’ll see this week?  I must keep the camera handy.

Daily gratitudes:
Fending off a migraine (barely)
My little air conditioner, courtesy of MKL
Iced anything
That I didn’t get heatstroke from my walk today
Having $5 buried in the bottom of my purse so I could get home tonight