I love WordPress. When I first thought of blogging, I dipped my toe in the other blog sites, but WordPress was the only one for me.

Except now, I hate Reader.

I can’t remember what we had before Reader, but it was great.  Do you recall?  It was a little something in that left-hand sidebar that you clicked and then just scrolled down to see the most current post from all the folks to whom you were subscribed. If you didn’t want one to appear, you could hide it.  Easy to scan, easy to access, just… easy.

And now we have Reader.  And I ask you, what is this madness??

Half the time, I can’t get it to appear. The other half the time, I see the same posts several times in the feed, or posts that are weeks old and definitely NOT the newest content from my fun friends.

It just sucks, and I want my old scrolly thing back.

I’m generally not a big complainer, and I appreciate everything WordPress does to make our blogs and blogging experience increasingly fabulous.  I’ve been thinking about writing this for months though, and finally today, when trying to pull up Reader completely froze my computer, and I wondered why I was doing it when it was just going to frustrate me anyway, I’d had enough and decided to say something about it.

So I did.

WordPress, are you listening?