We are having a pretty early Fall here in Colorado.  When Kelsea and I were away for Labor Day, the aspens were already starting to turn.  It’s been so dry that colors may be elusive altogether.  MKL and I head for Cottonwood next weekend, and we hope to catch what may be the tail end of that golden part of autumn.  Until then, here are lingering wildflowers caressing a mountain view.

Mesa Verde National Park, Colorado.

Quote of the day: “Any change for better or for worse always requires courage. Abandoning old ideas that usually give us a comfortable sensation of safety and control is not easy at all.”  —  Marcelo Gelciser

Daily gratitudes:
That my niece found my missing pre-engagement ring
That MKL always carries handkerchiefs
Sneaking Kelsea out of class (on the phone) to talk to her
Putting the past to rest – a thing that must be done many times