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So, upon entering the grocery store last night, I went to get a cart.  A gentleman of Indian ethnicity had just pulled out two carts stuck together and was pushing them straight towards me.  I thought I would be helpful and separate his two carts, so I said something like “Oh, you have two, let me help,” and started tugging on the cart at hand.

Apparently, he didn’t speak English.  He started tugging on the cart as well, trying to stop me, thinking I was some loon intent on taking his cart.   After about 15 seconds of struggle, he stopped pulling and pushing, and held his hands up in a defensive manner. I was thinking ‘What? I’m not trying to rob the poor man. I’m just helping. ‘ Then, he got a stunned and terrified look on his face, turned back to line of carts and got me my OWN cart, smiled very sheepishly and left the store.

Whereupon I realized that during the cart struggle, that damn problematic button on my sweater had come undone, allowing the girls an excellent view of the proceedings, and the shy Indian gentleman an excellent view of the girls.

And so I give a touch of raspberry-flavored thanks to the universe.  It does like to have its fun sometimes.

November 2012


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