Yes, come inside my brain!  On less than four hours of sleep!  Live the random life!  Yo ho ho!


* Chicken for breakfast. Whiskey sounds better. But no.

* Thunder Cat, what are you looking at? Whatever it is, it’s circling  you based on how your eyes are tracking it. You are crazy. But then I am the one talking to a cat. At least you’re not answering me.

* If you don’t drive faster, car-in-front-of-me, I will take a chain saw to that stick figure family of yours.

* Why don’t buses have cupholders? Is that too much to ask for?

*  Do not sit next to me on the bus when there are plenty of free pairs of seats. DO NOT. Or I will stab you. With something. Accidentally.  Sort of.

*  The girls are being unruly today. Thank heavens for scarves.

*  I wrote a poem in my head and now I can’t find it.  It was a good poem too.. 😦

*  How on earth can you do counted cross-stitch on a bouncy bus with bad brakes, woman? I might as well just bleed in a pattern on a piece of white fabric and call it a day.

*  I love geese when they are landing – they’re so awkward.

*  I like the color of her hair. That’s almost the color I want my highlights to be. But it’s too creepy to take a picture of the back of her head. And no touching.

*  Tea, stay in your cup!

*  I should be drunk to be this punchy. But then I would be punch-drunk.

*  If I can hear your music through your headphones when I am sitting in front of you, then dude, YOU are not going to be hearing anything in ten years. Maybe iPod and Miracle Ear should do some joint marketing. It’s a long-term strategy.

*  What is it with birds being all creeperesque on the middle of a wire?

*  Joy gave me a phrase last night – “a giant squid of anger”.  Today, I am a killer jellyfish of exhaustion.

*  When  you are very tired, words don’t make a lot of sense. But then again, they don’t have to.  Unless you are writing a proposal response.  Oops.

*  Why are industrial smokestacks so tall?

*  It has taken me almost two years to figure out how to get into that parking garage. That’s pitiful.

*  Should my future pugs be named Karma and Dogma? Or Waffles and Muffins?

*  Just spent the last five minutes wondering if I remembered to put on underwear. Still not sure.

*  You CAN fall asleep while walking.

*  The walls of the elevator are pillowy soft.

*  That moment of abject internal panic when you think you left your phone on the bus – like someone turned off your life support machine.