* Note to self: white dishwashing liquid in a milk jug lookalike is not milk.

*  Wall, why are you getting in my way?  Go home, Wall, you are drunk.

* I don’t think I could work with someone whose name is Mahaboob. Seriously.

* Say nothing about that man’s stomach. SAY. NOTHING.

*  I feel very cannibalistic eating gingerbread men. Even small ones. Which are just like eating little people. I’d make a bad zombie.  I guess that’s good.

*  Just put something in my mouth and THEN wondered if it was edible. Reverse play next time.

*  I forget that when I have my headphones on, people can still hear me talk to my computer.

*  Someone just walked by whistling the exact same bars that I was listeing to on Pandora. Freaky, man.