This was a week of nightmares, destroyed dreams, and lives forever changed. The damage done this week to children, parents, families, and communities is irreparable.

Many of us who are not intimate with this tragedy will go on with our lives, the holidays, and return to joy.  A small piece of my heart has left me now, and is with those parents who are going through unthinkable. Yes, their little sons and daughters experienced unimaginable fear in their last moments, and the thought of that is impossible, especially for those parents.

Those little people are little souls looking out for their parents now.  But those parents, agonizing over what their child must have been feeling, and devastated by all the reminders of future and promise, now nothing but dust – for them, there is no peace. Christmas presents never to be opened.  No more bedtime hugs from a small warm body made from the love of two people.  No more laughter. No more hope. No more….anything. Just pain and tears and loss.

I am grateful every day that my daughter is still here, and that I have the privilege of having her in my life and in this world. Not every parent is as fortunate, and for them, my heart bleeds. I wish I could make it better, but I can’t.

Nothing will.