Bunnies live in the alley behind my Bungalow.  I can’t say exactly where, because that would be divulging their secrets, and I’m not one to share bunny secrets.

When I emerge from the Bungalow in the mornings, there”s usually one near my truck, and it races around wildly trying to figure out where to hide.

Today, it crawled under a little tiny gap between the ground and the bottom of the garage door.

Who knows how many more bunnies are living in there??

I am now captivated by this vision of myself entering the garage and being faced with a million bunnies, like “The Trouble with Tribbles” episode from the old Star Trek.

Maybe two bunnies have been in there, doing what bunnies do.

Oh, dear.

Let’s not leave you with that image.

Let’s leave you with Roger.

Yes, enjoy Roger.