No, in order to see flowers, we have to look back, back, back to a late summer day several years ago…I had high hopes that soon we would be basking in the glory of sun and blooms, but noooooo….we’re expecting snow again next week. In the meantime, I gaze longingly at beach pictures and images of flowers past. Just for a little while longer.

BVIs January 2010 113

Bozeman, Montana.

Quote of the Day: “Have you ever wondered why certain people cross our paths or are put into our lives? I wonder how many so-called chance meetings are really part of a bigger plan. Then that leads me to wonder if my presence has the same impact on someone I seemingly just passed by. Maybe if we approach every other person we encounter as if there is a specific reason and greater purpose than chance to why we met at that very moment in time, there would be a lot more civility and much greater care taken in our interactions.” —  K. Wierman

Daily gratitudes:
Books you don’t want to finish because you don’t want them to end
Making Kelsea’s day with funny texts
People watching
That my ankle finally hurt a little less today