Lovely Watchers

Clothilde the charming pink chicken greets me of a morning,
With Porque squeaking a cheery hello to brighten up the cold
(which he is not accustomed to).
Hermie nestles next to Milo, their spikes mingling companionably,
While Henrietta and Captain Jack
lean against the wall, seductively oozing rubber sleaze.
A single gull flies captive within the white and
turquoise of the room, keeping a weather eye over me,
as he did over my Father for years and years.
A pair of baby seals snuggle atop the dresser,
While Bun Bun and Mommy’s Bear warm the bed,
Rudolfo prickling in the covers at its foot.
“They” lie in wait between the windows,
and I drape myself in baby ducks each morning.
It is
a very full
and lovely bedroom.