My mind was full of words today, between my own writing and my work writing, so full that it distracted me from life, and from the lingering cold, as well as the aches and pains in my bones. Yes, my bones crave a warmer climate, which is dimly visible in a fog on the far distant horizon of my future. The day I took this shot, it was May, but so incredibly blustery and rainy and cold that it felt like winter. Kelsea and I hadn’t brought sweatshirts with us on this trip because it was MAY, for heaven’s sake, and we had quite a time finding some to buy. We didn’t find any in this incredibly creepy thrift shop, but it was an adventure looking.


Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Quote of the Day: “Once we recognize our shadow’s existence we must resist the enticing step of going with its flow.” — Karl Malantes

Daily gratitudes:
Vintage five-window pickup trucks
New opportunities for MKL
My phone conversation with Kelsea this afternoon
Blue skies
Refusing to scrape the ice off my car (and not driving) during this storm – the sun melted it today