I do not spend my life wishing for things that I cannot have (right now), but as the rain falls, along with the temperature, and snow starts to swirl in the darkness, it does not hurt to remember that there are places like this. I remember this morning. It was warm, with very little breeze, just enough to make the palms trees whisper in that special language that they have, and I was standing on my little balcony in Marina Cay, watching this single sailboat wend its way out into the channel to have adventures.


Marina Cay, British Virgin Islands.

Quote of the day: “It is the tenderness that breaks our hearts. The loveliness that leaves us stranded on the shore, watching the boats sail away. It is the sweetness that makes us want to reach out and touch the soft skin of another person. And it is the grace that comes to us, undeserving though we may be.” — Robert Goolrick

Daily gratitudes:
A light day at work (after two months)
Head tilts
Listening to the rain before it turns to snow (10 inches of snow)