Yes, this is the last thing one might expect to see driving through the brown flatness of the San Luis Valley. But here it was. A giant cast iron chicken (well, rooster). And in an interesting coincidence, we had been considering going to South Dakota to see a legendary giant cast iron rooster for Memorial Day, and wound up here for Memorial Day instead. It was fate, I tell you. Fate.


Hooper, Colorado.

Quote of the day: “There’s something very freeing about losing the anchors that have always defined you. Frightening, sad, but exhilarating in a poignant way, as well. You’re free to float to the moon and evaporate or sink to the bottom of the deepest ocean. But you’re free to explore. Some people confuse that with drifting, I suppose. I like to think of it as growing.” — Deborah Smith

Daily gratitudes:
The “Cheese Louise” food truck that I passed on the road
Sushi with Kelsea
Warm breezes
Air conditioning
Cream lace
Prairie dogs safely crossing the road

P.S. Please include Colorado in your prayers tonight. Our wildfire season, so terrible last year, has started off with a great bang today. We have five fires burning in just one day.