The 17-mile road that runs through the public areas of Monument Valley allows for numerous stops and lots of little trails that lead to lots of amazing views, like this one of an approaching storm from North Window. To access this view, you walk on a little two-person wide curving trail along the side of a steep mesa. We were fortunate enough to have this lovely spot to ourselves for about five minutes. As we headed back towards the parking area, numerous vehicles arrived and vomited up about 100 french tourists who all immediately headed for where we were. We barely edged by them. I think if they had all actually made it out on the trail, they would have filled it from one end to the other. Maybe they did…we didn’t stick around to see.


Monument Valley, Arizona.

Quote of the day: “It seems that scientific research reaches deeper and deeper. But it also seems that more and more people, at least scientists, are beginning to realize that the spiritual factor is important. I say ‘spiritual’ without meaning any particular religion or faith, just simple warmhearted compassion, human affection, and gentleness. It is as if such warmhearted people are a bit more humble, a little bit more content.” — Dalai Lama XIV

Daily gratitudes:
A touch of thunder last night
Finishing a good book
Picking the next book
Missing someone you love
That some of the sparkles from my red shoes glitter in the hallways at work (days after I have worn them)